– Jake Jorgovan, Content Allies

All clients start here.

tl;dr Done-with-you. We build the systems, make them work, and close your first unassisted deal to prove you can be free of the sales seat.

  1. We build the systems.
  2. We operate the systems.
  3. We take the calls (with you) until we’re able to close your first hands-off deal.

What’s the win?

  • You get the systems, processes, and advice you need to prove you can step out of the sales seat.
  • You take a huge step toward full delegation of the most important part of your business.
  • You keep growing revenue without a painful drop while getting there.

You want scalable revenue and sales systems and a way to prove going hands-off with your sales calls is possible.

To get you there, Add1Zero will:

  • Analyze and document your recorded sales calls, isolating your key selling points, objection handling, and FAQs.
  • Map your portfolio, examples, and testimonials to FAQs for sales enablement purposes.
  • Design or redesign packages and pricing to increase your average contract value, and align your features and services for maximum selling efficiency and scalability of your delivery operations.
  • Review, analyze, and implement improvements for your proposals, signature processes, legal review, contracts, and SOWs.
  • Implement and refine your sales technology stack including your CRM, email templates, custom data tracking and reporting, KPIs, appointment-focused funnel, and integrations.
  • Review, shadow, and begin leading your sales meetings with prospects to grow your call-to-close ratio.
  • Focus your marketing copy on “you first” format, directed entirely at value-additive language for your customers.
  • Refine your customer journey for revenue maximization.
  • Close your first unassisted deal, proving that your new revenue machine is running at max performance and no longer requires your unique involvement.

Scale & lead while we run sales.

Done-for-you. We run the systems, execute the closes, and report to you so you can focus on running and scaling your company.

  1. We advise.
  2. We operate the systems.
  3. We take the calls, chase the deals, and close new customers.

What’s the win?

  • You get to go hands-off on sales so you can focus on leading and scaling.
  • You avoid the painful and dangerous process of sales hiring while booking substantial revenue.
  • You increase your deal size and close more deals on the way to “adding 1 zero” to your revenue.

You want to focus elsewhere, delegating sales to a pro team you don’t have to hand-hold.

To get you there, Add1Zero will:

  • Do all the work for you!

  • Communicate directly with your prospects as your brand, with your domains, collateral, and tools for a true white label experience – no one will ever know you use us.

  • Dedicate call scheduling and calendar time with seasoned sales reps (A1Z Sales Leads).

  • Handle of all of your inbound leads and prospects of all types.

  • Close your inbound new business deals for maximum lead-to-close ratio and increased contract values.

  • Perform follow up, nurturing, CRM management, and pristine integration with your operations, finance, delivery, and customer success teams.

  • Design and refine your multi-level plans, packages, and approaches for different customer personas.

Available Add-ons

  • Set appointments and manage calendars and through inbound and outbound sales channels

  • Run your full funnel revenue marketing services (SEO, content, paid media, social)