– Jake Jorgovan, Content Allies


All clients start here.

tl;dr Done-with-you. We build the systems, make them work, and close your first unassisted deal to prove you can be free of the sales seat.

  1. We build the systems.
  2. We operate the systems.
  3. We take the calls (with you) until we’re able to close your first hands-off deal.

What’s the win?

  • You get the systems, processes, and advice you need to prove you can step out of the sales seat.
  • You take a huge step toward full delegation of the most important part of your business.
  • You keep growing revenue without a painful drop while getting there.

Then, choose a package


Run sales in-house.


Done-with-you. You run the systems and do the selling. We focus 100% on revenue so you can split your attention with confidence.

  1. We advise and improve.
  2. You operate the systems (with our support).
  3. You take the calls and close the deals (with expert guidance).

What’s the win?

  • You get to split your time across the business, with dedicated revenue-first support.
  • You keep expert accountability and focus on growing contract values and close ratios.
  • You develop your revenue personnel without splintering your focus.


Scale & lead while we run sales.

Done-for-you. We run the systems, execute the closes, and report to you so you can focus on running and scaling your company.

  1. We advise.
  2. We operate the systems.
  3. We take the calls, chase the deals, and close new customers.

What’s the win?

  • You get to go hands-off on sales so you can focus on leading and scaling.
  • You avoid the painful and dangerous process of sales hiring while booking substantial revenue.
  • You increase your deal size and close more deals on the way to “adding 1 zero” to your revenue.