Why Add1Zero?

Sales hiring is time-consuming, expensive, and high-risk

Experienced and effective sales talent is expensive, and the hiring process is rife with pitfalls. Committing to the wrong sales leader can burn cash and set you back months. Hiring later — after you have a great sales program — is much more effective.

Your founder and executive team is not able to focus on sales

You’re stuck doing sales because “no one else does” and it’s not your best area. Besides, you’re not trained for it and you have a ton of other responsibilities. You need help you can trust who get deals done and put money in the bank.

Consultants, coaches, and experts just haven’t moved the needle

These individuals and companies are pricey and are focused on improving the way you do business, but are not focused on closing deals. You need more sales, not more advice. You’ll learn more from a front line approach than from abstract input.

The leads are coming in but they are not closing

Every opportunity seems like do-or-die and you’re feeling the urgency to close every possible lead. Your prospects can feel it, too, and that pressure makes them less likely to engage. You need a poised professional with experience to field, nurture, and close opportunities.

Your CRM is a mess of decaying program attempts

The revolving door of helpers, staff, and your own team who have tried to sit in the business development chair have created all manner of templates, campaigns, deal flows, and more. Yet none of them have been kept up in a disciplined way.

The Add1Zero 10xSell Process